How To Use Coleman Propane Catalytic Heater

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Coleman propane catalytic heater – Decades ago, campers who wanted heat in the great outdoors had to build up and light a crackling fire. Space heating eventually emerged as portable alternatives that work just as coiled hob burners. Clear an area of at least 2 feet square in front of Coleman catalytic heater. Although the heater is not equipped with an open flame during normal operation, the canvas or cloth placed against the heat shield melt or even catch fire.

Provide enough ventilation to coleman propane catalytic heater indoors or in a tent. You need an opening measuring at least 6 inches in diameter. An open tent flap or RV window should be enough. Coleman heaters creates little carbon monoxide, but they consume oxygen during the operation.  Screw a 465gr propane cylinder into the heater is threaded propane port located on the bottom of most models. You will hear a hissing sound, as you twist the cylinder in place, but continues warping.

Press cylinder support on propane cylinder base, if applicable. More specialized models have adjustable support legs that twist down to aim heater upwards, while others are designed to fit into the golf cart cup holder. Turn the propane valve to the “Hello”. You will hear a gentle hissing sound as propane spill in heater. Press the red ignition switch several times until you see and hear propane released in the furnace ignited with a “pop”. Alternatively, hold the head by a lit match near the bottom of the heat shield to ignite coleman propane catalytic heater.